KLA – Karen Anderson Showroom

Booth: 750 & 752-753

Karen Anderson

127 East 9th Street
Suite 704
Los Angeles, California 90015

Tel: 213-622-7447

Email: karen@klashowroom.com

  • Alp N Rock

    Sporty knits and sportswear

  • Baci

    Beautiful item separates collection from Italy

  • Banaris

    Colorful rich scarves

  • Cino

    Colorful printed blouses and dresses

  • Joules

    Great collection from England

  • Kuna

    Luxurious baby wool alpaca sweaters and scarf collection

  • Peruvian Exchange

    Peruvian sweaters, mixed blends

  • Whimsy Rose

    Colorful tees, tops and dresses