KLA Showroom

KLA SHOWROOM is delighted to represent the current casual collections – Joules, Cino, Whimsy Rose, Luna Luz, Stitch & Needle, and Zhrill. We would love to work with you in Room 704- February 21-23!
These Collections exemplify our West Coast lifestyle with clean lines, casual, quality-driven, comfort-wear. 

Joules is designed in the UK and retails incredibly well because of its whimsical, “happy”, wearable offerings. The collection is extensive and offers outerwear to swimwear.
Cino is an established creative blouse line full of color and pop in their floral, paisley and geo-metric prints.
Whimsy Rose has the most comfortable tees around.  Great quality, wonderful prints and can deliver in 2 weeks as they are made in the USA
Luna Luz- a terrific well-known dress line specializing in linens and cottons made up in a variety of solids or tie-dyes.
Stitch& Needle- cashmeres and cotton knits styling made so beautifully and top-notch fibers that make them a “must-have” staple in many stores
Zhrill- novelty printed jacquard blazers teamed with denim bottoms and/or joggers. Perfect for stay-at-home or any outing/adventure outside. 

We will look forward to setting up appointments and seeing you soon at the ever-great FMNC Show!  Room #704 KLA SHOWROOM- PH# IS 213-622-7447 

Contact- Karen Anderson- karen@klashowroom.com