Liverpool Los Angeles is the fashion solution for women and men leading full active lives.

Designed to create confidence and empower self-expression, Liverpool is a complete lifestyle collection.

Fabrics development, construction and finish are key.

The final styles not only look elevated but feel soft and comfortable all day. Liverpool strives for the highest quality, not only in construction, but also in materials which in most cases are better than more expensive premium brands.

Each piece is carefully fitted, and sizing is consistent within the collection. 

The satisfaction level in design, fit and comfort is high with Liverpool aficionados. “When you look and feel confident in your clothes, it takes you to a new level.” says co-founder and creative director, Jill Perilman.

Traditionally denim had been the cornerstone of the collection, Liverpool now offers a complete range of jackets, tops, sweaters and non-denim bottoms.

New denim fits and finishes continue to be key fashion and core components of the Liverpool brand.