Christina Brampti

An amazingly prolific jewelry designer based in Greece, Christina is comfortable working with a wide range of materials to create relaxed, urban chic designs.

She explores scale, using brushed aluminum tubes, both rounded and squared in different sizes, & combines them with cords of varying thickness and materials, including rubber, leather, nylon, tulle, elastic, and cotton.

She offers an extensive line of necklaces and bracelets, with matching earrings at a fantastic price, and creates new colors and designs every season.


Half Brazilian, half Argentinean, sisters Gabriela and Karina Iskin are the design duo behind Iskin Sisters.

Together, they design jewelry with a contemporary edge. Using unconventional materials such as leather, acrylic, and stainless steel, each piece is conceptual and meant to tell a story.Initially selected by the most prestigious museum stores, their collections are evolving to meet our boutiques’ needs for an urban chic look.

Dora Haralambaki:  Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.*

Introducing the colorful universe of Dora Haralambaki, an Athens-based jewelry designer and a magician.

Her gold-dusted bronze collection is handpainted with pigments in the most amazing nuances.

The collection is versatile – from the most dainty pendants to the boldest statements – with a remarkable perceived value.

*Oscar Wilde