Jacqueline Stone

Open your doors. SYMPLI with timeless style and some edge. Inspired by a refined and playful simplicity, we design beautiful pieces with unexpected details that drape in all the right places. Think a refined, eye-catching hem or a striking silhouette. They’re the clothes you can build a wardrobe around, with the artful twists that are the difference between the clothing you wear, and the favorites you love forever.

Noting the constant changes in fashion, I bring a unique and special perspective through the varied designers I represent.  My joy has always been to bring great clothing collections and accessories to our marketplace. Helping each individual to update and express her personality, I love merchandising while offering excellent service.    Mao Mam * Mona Lisa by PUREFIT   PACK YOUR PERSONALITY   Fashion with Function! Coats for all seasons and reasons. Designed for comfort, travel, flexibility and style, for women of all personalities. Each garment is unique, just like everyone who wears UbU and MYCRA PAC outerwear.

Timeless style. Unexpected detail.   No one else is quite like you.Nothing else is quite like Sympli. We’re inspired by confident women who are exploring all areas of life, including personal style. It’s a reflection of being a constantly evolving woman, showing the world who you are.

Suite 605 / jacqstone114@gmail.com