KLA Showroom

Our products at KLA SHOWROOM are customer-supportive and becoming more and more earth friendly! 

KLA SHOWROOM is so proud to represent Joules USA!  Joules is making a conscientious effort to become more sustainable.  Many of their products, like the Golightly (pictured)- rain slickers are being made from recycled plastic bottles and other recyclable products.  The company is also planting trees in the U.S. for every “butterfly” printed garment(as pictured here) that we sell at wholesale.

Whimsy Rose has a program that gives back to their wholesale customers when their customers buy on the Whimsy Rose online website.  Each store receives credits if their customers mention them when paying for their purchases.  It helps to pay for their next order placed at wholesale! Just ask about this program and we will tell you all about it.  It is easy and helps you to be more successful!

Mazine is a terrific “streetwear” collection from Germany and is 100% vegan with recycled trims, etc.  They offer a full collection of creative and quality-driven coats and sportswear you have to see.  Their prices are “amazine” too!

Come see these Great Collections in Suite # 722 at the FMNC April Show!  Karen and Suzie are looking forward to working with you! Karen@klashowroom.com