Summer has arrived and with it a desire to wear bright and vibrant colors. Palladium’s jewelers have got you covered by introducing all new collections. Trending is turquoise, coral and shades of green and yellow.  From Zsiska with their resin jewelry, Ayala Bar with a unique blend of fabric and gemstones to Alicia Van Fleteren (our local designer) featuring a wide range of gemstones. Gold jewelry from Barcelona’s Joid’art is also focused using sterling silver in beautiful contemporary designs.  Susan Goodwin’s pearls are hot as well in a range of sizes and colors; A perfect style to go with any classic look. Finally, pins are having a comeback to compliment sweaters and jackets.  Michael Michaud bronze botanical jewelry has a wide range of pins that are collectible for any age group. 
Introducing Running Late Apothecary using all botanicals and a great gift pick up for any shop. Beautiful packaging and the highest quality of ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives. All handmade in small batches in Portland Oregon.

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