Reichman Associates

Alison Sheri: Styles designed to bring joy to women’s lives. 

After 20 years dedicating ourselves to quality clothing, we’ve renewed our promise to the everyday woman. We’ve promised to design and provide quality styles that fit her body while bringing joy and delight to her life. 

This summer collection is no exception to our long-standing tradition of quality. Our colour coordinated groups feature stunning colours that’ll remind you of your favourite vacation as well as soft pastels for calm days at home. Our styles range from classic flowing silhouettes to more fitted designs for every social gathering you might find yourself in. From casual knitwear, to vacationing linen, and flowing dresses your customers are sure to find something to suit their personal style within our racks. 

Discover our collection with Reichman Associates and feel the difference quality makes. 

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Room #624. 
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