Studio Selyn

At Studio Selyn we are a small family run business. Lauren and I (David) are a blended family with 5 beautiful kids between us. At the beginning of covid we decided for me to leave construction and plumbing to work full time learning and making jewelry to adapt with the times.

Shortly after we brought on Kayla who helps bring structure to our Yin and Yang dynamic. Lauren tends to have the vision and knowledge of the stones that are selected and how they connect and complement each other while I am the master builder bringing to life what Lauren invisions. We strive to create beautiful handcrafted pieces that will capture your attention.

Our vision is to create pieces that will harmonise and uplift anyone that wears our jewelry. We use hypoallergenic friendly materials and source every item as locally as we can. We make sure our stones are conflict free and come from a reputable vender. Our focus is to bring up our community and support our local artisans and fellow small businessmen.

We have created two lines for our debut collections. We created the Chakra Collection and our State of Mind collection. In our Chakra collection we created a line for all 7 chakras. Our vision with creating this collection was to help people, in this ever changing time, to find their inner peace, to center and ground themselves. We saw this collection as a beautiful opportunity to give people the ability and tools to receive selfcare. 

Our State of Mind collection was an opportunity to help connect people and continue in the selfcare image. Our pieces were individually picked to help bring balance to the mind in 9 areas we felt people would connect to in this pandemic. There’s alot going on in the world currently and in these conditions our goal was to try and provide everyone with the tools to help find support and balance to their individual needs while looking stunning in our jewelry.