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Oliver Thomas
New to West Coast representation, Oliver Thomas is both the name of an adorable 9-year-old Shih Tzu and a successful handbag business. Yes, Oliver Thomas was named after a dog and he is just as terrific as his name suggests. For a brand that never wanted to play by the fashion industry’s unwritten rules to begin with, we couldn’t think of a better co-founder. The puppy loving brand was bred to relieve the burden of carrying several heavy bags throughout the day, to which they’ve had much success. The designer and co-founder, Sue Fuller has quite literally thought of everything. Her thoughtful design led to her winning the 2019 PGA innovation of the year award as voted on by the 50,000 buyers. With a little bit of something for everyone, the line consists of totes, duffles, train cases, cosmetic cases, backpacks, and crossbody bags as well as tennis, pickle ball, golf, equestrian, and ski/snow bags. Some features that separate Oliver Thomas from the rest of the pack are that these bags are travel friendly, machine washable, certified, water resistant, RFID blocking, incredibly lightweight, and feature a patented secret stash bottom. Oliver Thomas is the perfect blend of fashion, form, and fun. 

Cest Moi Bamboo
C’est Moi Clothing Co. is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario that carries fashion and basics for women of every age, shape, and size. Our vast selection includes our widely popular Bamboo seamless collection which is available in a variety of colors, fits, and styles. The collection offers a sleek look in seamless leggings, camisoles, slips, bandeaus, and long-sleeve tees for everyday wear. There are many benefits to buying and wearing bamboo that include sustainability, antibacterial, breathability, and gentle on sensitive skin. Not to mention ultra soft! Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool; a more soft and luxurious feel.

Wear Me Pro Eyewear
Catering to those who know how to keep up with ever-changing trends, Wear Me Pro proves that quality eyewear is not exclusive to designer labels. We have never strayed from our original mission: providing fashionable, affordable eyewear for stylish customers. All ethically made. Check out our stylish blue light blocking lenses!
Fun fact: WearMe Pro is a proud Arizona Humane Society partner and provides quarterly donations to support the organization’s mission of saving the most vulnerable animals.

Carrie Martin
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