Facebook Groups

Before I dive in, I want to say I hope everyone is safe and healthy. This is an unprecedented event in our lives. We will get through this and we at FMNC want you to know we’re here for you and we think of you often. 

With physical stores closed, many businesses are taking their shops online whether by email, social media and/or websites. One way for you to engage with your loyal customers is through a Facebook Group. You can create a Group for your shop from your business Facebook Page by clicking Groups in the left side column.

Three tips for creating a group are:

  1. The name of your Group should include your store name, for example, Main Street Boutique’s VIPs.
  2. Have potential group members answer one or two questions to make sure they’re not a bot and to collect email addresses in case they’re not on your list already. 
  3. Create a welcome video that you can “pin” to the top of the page so all new members see it when they join. There you’ll welcome them and let them know what to expect inside the group.

Three things you’ll do in your group:

  1. Invite your email list to the Facebook Group. Include the link to your Facebook Group in the email. Then invite them to each Live event.
  2. Do a weekly Live Shopping event where you feature a capsule of products. We’re hearing from many stores that their customers love the distraction right now. 
  3. Post polls, surveys and ask questions. This is a group of your customers. Who better to ask what they need, want, and wish to see or learn?

We hope this is helpful to you. Please let us know if you’ve done any Facebook Lives and how they went!