There is no doubt that the holidays will feel different this year. Perhaps your past gatherings included 10 – 20 people. This year Thanksgiving might only be 2 – 4 people, who knows! Either way, instead of ordering a new pair of sweats to don, what about taking this opportunity to pull your holiday outfit together with some bold accessories?

Go big, or go home. Oh wait, you are at home. That leaves go big…

If you are really feeling sassy, what about pulling out that favorite dress or blouse you haven’t worn in almost 240 days. Black Tie Thanksgiving? Why not! Find that LBD in the back of the closet. Virtual Thanksgiving? OK! Silk blouse on the top, elastic waist sweats on the bottom, just pull out some showstopper earrings and/or necklaces.

However you will be celebrating Thanksgiving, use it as an opportunity to dust off some of your favorite outfits, or pull out some statement piece accessories. They’ll be thankful to be back in rotation. And so will your pod!

Enjoy the holiday season – with style!