When I was asked to contribute something witty and thought provoking for our weekly Tipsy Tuesday social media blurb, I thought “piece of cake”. So, I sat down to create something that would entertain the masses of buyers and exhibitors who follow our illustrious leader, FMNC. Or is it #FMNC? It was harder than I thought. I am far from Social Media savvy. Waaaay far.

I don’t have an Instagram account, I know, horrors, right? I am on Facebook, occasionally. And, lord knows, one out of every 10 pictures I take with my camera phone is decent, barely. I know there must be a lot of buyers and maybe even reps that are in the same boat.

Fear not, there is a solution, albeit archaic…..

For the store owners or reps that collect email addresses from your customers and are never quite sure what to do with them or don’t have Mailchimp or Constant Contact, I have some advice to get you started.

Start by emailing a simple note to your customers en masse. Here’s how to send an email to your entire list without making everyone’s email public; you can send the email to yourself and blind copy (bcc) everyone else. Simple, right?

Try for once a week or once every 2 weeks. But be consistent. Email has the highest return on investment of all the marketing you do!

The key is to keep hounding them until they give in and write back. Seriously, though, they want to hear from you. Why else would they have given you their email, right?

Stay tuned for more tips from this Social Media dinosaur.