Thoughts for a Silver Lining

We at FMNC have had some time to reflect on the changes and opportunities that lie ahead. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind that may help us all weather these challenges and forge ahead! Think about the questions and try the activities to help frame your new outlook!

  • We are reminded of what is truly important. With all our losses and sacrifices, we miss the visits and the conversations with our customers.

Who are the people who have made a difference to you?

  • We have always believed that our small, convenient show can be a place where we can simply meet and do business. We can usually “drive in and out” without excessive time and expense during these frugal times.

What new ideas do you have to share during our time together in San Mateo? 

  • In Northern California, we love shopping at our thriving, small local businesses and supporting our customers. Small shops make a great difference to our communities.

What new ways can you show your customers what a difference they’ve made to you?

We are looking forward to seeing you again, and maybe in a whole new way! What stories will you bring of your customers and your innovative ways that you will “keep your store lights on?”

We are looking forward to hearing from you!