Exhibitor Directory

August 2021

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TitleBooth Number
Accessories by LJ601
Aphea Fashion705
Apparel Love608
Aria Collection USA736
Barbara Nogg, INC512
Barry Pollack612
Bea Gorman632
Bernie Mev532
Betty Bottom Showroom518
Blue Pacific Fashion527
Carol Herzog510
Carrie DelCurto and Company627/628
Craig Hinds630
Crayola Sisters521/522
Cynthia Zahm702
Dance in Paris528
Dietz Associates611
Dolma Inc629
Dorman Fashion Inc610
Dress To Kill, INC524
G. Craig Williams626
Harlan Goodman734
Harry Wallach701
Herlinda Ellis708
Jacqueline Stone504
Jamie Prince Sales514/515
Janelle Moore Sales511
Jockisch & Partner Represents703/704
Julie & Stuart Marcher, LTD503
Julie V Sales730
Julie Walls Showroom706
Karen Kearns516
Kathy Franz Collection531
Kelly Caldwell602
Kent & Associates520
KLA Showroom604
Kylie Paige728
Lea Goldman525
Lesley McEntire633/634
Lines of Denmark635/636
LK Showroom623/624
Loretta Kendrick Sales726
Lynn Anthony727
Lynn Girard Showroom724
M. Rena619
Mary Minser Sales707
Melody Fast502
Mia Shoes530
Mirana Ojeda519
MJD Meridian Jewelry517
Nancy Provda501
Nani & Peter Schneider614/615
Nathan Wilensky609
Natural Fashions625
Niche Showroom620
Pomponi Sales729
Rick Sobin606/607
Ritch & Company621
Robert Friedman526
Sheila Lott Sales535
Sofft Shoe Co533
Stephanie Harris622
Steven Levinson509
Susan Burris536
TASC Performance506
The Morris Agency732/733
Tom Sowards618
Two Old Bags735
Valerie Hambas Showroom725
Varsha Panagos534
Vicki & Alex Nielsen616/617
Viva Bags523