Tribal was founded more than 50 years ago to create apparel for a community of like-minded women. Today, our mission remains to deliver on-trend collections that make women look and feel their best, for enjoying life’s adventures in comfort and style. Tribal clothing is designed by women for women. From thread to finish, each one of our pieces is thoughtfully crafted with unparalleled attention to detail using premium fabrics. Our style experts ensure a consistent fit for each item so the Tribal customer may shop with confidence at over 2,000 specialty boutiques and online retailers across North America.


She is a middle class, working woman who loves to cook and entertain. She is an avid reader of books and magazines, loves to travel and is interested in home décor, gardening and crafts. She has discretionary income and uses it on herself and on gifts her family. She’s shopping often, loves to spend for her lifestyle and is most loyal to her apparel brands.


She often places the interest of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own. She gets great satisfaction in giving over receiving. She values marriage, education and the ultimate goal of a healthy retirement. She makes sensible financial decisions. She likes to support grass roots initiatives and her local community.


She is inspired by the latest trends, but they don’t define her. She is considered more of a fashion follower than a fashion leader; she will adopt a trend after it has been firmly and commonly accepted. She loves to wear updated classics with a twist. She loves to mix and match pieces that are versatile and that offer fun and functional features like reversible tops, embellished jeans and 3 in 1 outerwear. She loves key items that can be lovingly worn in and accessorized with a statement necklace, earrings and great shoes! She knows how to spend her money well and not on frivolous fringe fashions or fads that come and go.


She’s purposeful & open to spending. Her style is informed by good quality first and foremost. She will prefer to invest in things that will last and that can be paired in a novel way. This is why we design each piece with elevated details: reversible fabrics, added trims, unexpected zipper at the back of a jacket, removable, hood on outerwear, double zippers etc. She is looking for fashion that can be worn to events like dinnerwith friends, kids’ graduation, visiting the grandchildren. She wants to look good without overthinking it. She looks for comfort and versatility over high fashion. She prefers to spend her money on her kids, her home and on travel and experiences. She loves to travel to sensible tourist destinations like Florida and Arizona versus pricey exotic locations.