KLA Showroom

Inhale a deep breath of Fashion!
Exhale Style!
Spring color is so refreshing!

Let Pops of Pink perk up your inventory. Be Colorful!

Nikki Jones pink plaid hoody- fun sophistication turns the weather gloom to a warm and fuzzy day.

A Whimsy Rose wavy stripe – bright and beautiful. Whimsy Rose , a long standing t-shirt staple is so reliable and offers many print options and wonderful fabrics and body styles.

They have a team of print designers that create fashionable prints every 8 weeks. Ever- evolving, eager to create newness to keep your customers coming in for great “wearable art”!

Easy to order, easy to sell, easy to wear!

A contemporary approach! 209 wst is using plush ultra suede in soft feminine styles like this pretty color block tiered top.

209 wst is designed and owned by a family of dedicated Fashion experts in the field. They own their own factories and every family member is involved in different aspects of making this collection viable and GREAT!

Come take a look at their fun styling, beautiful fabrics and fresh approach to fashion!

You are always welcome  anytime to KLA SHOWROOM!